Personality Type Verification


If you want to know your exact personality type but struggle with pinning down the best fit, I got you.


-The Method-

Each personality type consumes four kinds of brain fuel. The first two are the most effortless and efficient ways in which you learn and make decisions. The last two help you play and relax, but they might distract you from progress on occasion (or frequently if they're suckers for mischief).

These four components together form your Myers Briggs personality type.

Ever heard of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)? Then you'll know that the test can't guarantee accuracy. It makes sense, too. How can an internet algorithm grasp the complexity of a human being? (Although, maybe in 5 years it'll decode the human psychology and all of our Sci-Fi movies will come to life! Actually, that may not suck as much as I thought.)

Getting profiled by a human being assures a higher accuracy rate than the test because nuance, tone, body language, and other components are easier to assess. I collaborate with you as guidance toward the type that fits you best.

If taking an online test worked for you, that's great! Rock out for blazing a focused, successful life with your personality.

As for those betrayed by online tests who promised you your ideal type, only to change the verdict next week, this is a great option for you.

At the end of a verification call, focus your energy on one type, and one unique method of bettering your life. Say goodbye to 'shooting in the dark' for self-development strategies. Instead, enhance the superpower already resting inside of you.


-My Story-

Let me hit you with some honesty. I nerd out to this Myers Briggs stuff every single day. I integrate it into my everyday language, to the point that 'socially awkward teenage me' transformed into 'socially awkward adult me.' (Don't believe me? Ugh. Keep reading. *hides face*) I horndog so much to this stuff that I actually scrounged up $2,000 on a year-long course to become a Certified Profiler. Didn't know if I could ever make money with this information. Nevertheless, I consumed it. Screw the dudebros 'cause the nerd life ain't cheap.

And true to form, the thought of taking action rarely fired me up throughout my life. I stagnated for a very long time, spending my days learning and reading and learning some more, but glued right to my couch. When I plunged into self development, however, I looked to every resource I could find. The most popular advice I found was 'build a habit'.

Personality Type Verification - MeI nodded excitedly, thinking that it made so much sense. Of course habits benefit everyone! They're useful and productive! Repeating an action for 30 consecutive days will solidify a habit! "GREAT!" I thought, "I'll do that!" And I went and did whatever action the books suggested, whether writing in a journal everyday, making a song everyday, going out and socializing everyday, etc. I performed a lot of those 30 day build-a-habit marathons and at the end of every single one I ended up right back on my couch, camping out with my Ben & Jerry's wondering what I should do with my life. I floated in a limbo of seeking information and testing out a random actions, but nothing STUCK.

And when I found out about my Myers Briggs type, I finally uncovered the holy grail of sense.

Remember the four components that make up your Myers Briggs type? I named them 'brain fuel' because they're the most valuable sources of unlimited energy and motivation. Finding out the best way I make decisions encouraged me to narrow down strategies and get in touch with prioritizing my life. It informed me that projects leverage my energy much more than habit, so I make sure I fill my schedule with engaging activities that have a deadline. And most importantly, I take action now more than ever. Your growth path might not match mine, but I'mma help you find yours.

-Its Uses-

Your personality type will show you exactly how your communication style is unique. This affects your business relationships, the interactions with your loves ones, and how you hustle.
It also reveals the best way you show the world love, and how you wanna receive it. Valentine's day will be a helluva lot easier!
Your type operates as a catalyst to realizing your true passion and purpose on this planet. Spend less time on searching and start making an impact.


-What The Personality Type Verification Includes-

  • The verification is a one hour call.
  • You get my full, undivided attention as we both discover your personality together.
  • It'll be a conversation, like chatting with a good friend.
  • At the end, you'll get a list of resources that are right for your type.
  • You'll be empowered to jump right into your self development with this hand-picked knowledge on your superpower!
The price for this hands-on call is $125.  If you feel unsure about whether you need this service or not, try out some online tests first. You can also email me at anytime with a little bit about yourself and your situation before committing to a call.


-Money Back Guarantee-

After the call, you get 30 full days to decide if the type we uncovered fits you. Unhappy with the service provided? Then please contact me so we can sort it out and arrange a full refund for you. Peace & Love.


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