In this video, I discover David Bowie’s Myers Briggs personality type by¬†watching interviews of him.

Not only that, but I analyzed a few of his lyrics just to be thorough.

Here’s an introduction to cognitive functions which I use to determine his type.

The interviews I grabbed are from 1979 and 1998 respectively. You can watch them here: 1979 | 1998

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  • Hello Chelsea,

    I just wanted to say I absolutely loved this video. In fact, this is the kind of content I’ve been craving for a very long time now; where an experienced/professional psyche type profiler makes observations of a person’s mannerisms, speech patterns, etc. in real time and comes to a conclusion about their type. And while I know there are a lot of goons that do this on Youtube, I get the feeling I can actually take your observations/typings seriously. I can’t think of a better way to improve my own typing skills by taking notes from someone experienced!

    By the way, so I don’t have to make a really small comment on another video of yours, you said that it is very common for people to mistake Se for Ne and vice versa on your ISFJ/INFJ Nostalgia video I believe. While I have identified differentiated Se in some artists/people I know in real life (who use Se very strongly and obviously), I really struggle with identifying Ne given that it is my Trickster function. Do you ever think you’ll make a video on how to tell the difference between Ne and Se? I just feel like Ne rarely manifests itself as strongly as Se does in interviews and conversations.

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